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Flocks of Parakeets Landing on the House Terrace

Hundreds and Hundreds of Feathery-little Green Parrots perched on the Terrace of the building and on wires adjacent to it take flight. In a time where bird sightings in cities are in decline because of lack of natural habitats, the sheer number of parrots that land up every single day on the terrace of this particular building is astounding. The man behind feeding has been feeding these parrots for well, over a decade buys thirty kilos of rice just for the parrots every day; in all he spends almost Rs. 1000 just on food for his green-little friends each day. Hundreds of ring-necked parakeets visit to feed on the Terrace and fed feed on the rice grains and fried gram (udacha kadalai) happily.

Feeding Parrots on Terrace...WATCH: Beautiful Accordion Girls....►►► ◄◄◄

Posted by Keralites on Tuesday, April 7, 2015

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Anti Radar Sticker to Hide Number Plate

A Company advertises Anti-Radar Sticker that claims to be able to hide numbers from the Speed Camera System showcasing a Video that replicates the using method. Although the system might work with the normal cameras, 95% of Speed Cameras that are Infrared flash activated can still not be fooled that can click from a wide angle from a distant range. Number Plate recognition cameras have different lenses than ordinary cameras and can identity the numbers more easily and clearly. It is safe not to forgery the legal system as heavy fines will be liable for such forgery.

Another Video Footage showing the Process...

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Man Stuck in the Mud Rescued with Excavator

Poor man stuck in the Mud is being rescued entirely with the help of an excavator. The stuck guy in the blue jacket has a lot of faith in the excavator operator and the operator is obviously good at operating the machinery. The operator keeping in mind that the man should not be hurt in anyway, slowly trying to remove the mud from around the guy but could not achieve as expected. At last the man is completed dragged out of the mud from beneath the leg and miraculously rescued.

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Beautiful Girls Kissing Lucky Strangers for Fun

A Group of Beautiful Girls approaching strange men to try out their lipsticks while they kiss the stranger on the cheeks and forehead with the kissing marks spotted. Watch the expressions of the lucky guys being kissed and some reactions of some of the defenders.

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