Wacky Dresses

Another Tilted Tens coming your way! With proms going on around schools now, I figured looking at weird and wacky dresses would be the best way to celebrate! I wonder what some people have in mind for dresses. I mean, how bad could one look?
Pitchin' in!

What's the point of getting a tent if your dress is already one? I think she might have those shoes on that makes you higher or something, because there's no way she could be that tall. It's already made and everything! I wonder how she moves.
Hello Kitty Time!

One of Lady Gaga's wackiest outfits, of dressing up in dolls and stuffed toys! She wanted to be a doll, literally, and as you can see, she tried this!

During a wedding, do you want to be the center of attention? I'm sure glowing will do it! Yup, there are 300 LED lights integrated in the gown, making you literally, GLOW.
Missing something?

With holes, and slices out of these dresses, you will sure be feeling rather empty!
The Cake is a Lie!

Okay, this cake dress probably isn't a lie like most of you would probably want to say, and no matter what this is called. At your wedding, or maybe a prom, or a party, you could walk around with this cake around your waist! Just hold a fork all day, ya'know? Just becareful of the birds. They like pastries.
More than one

When I see this dress, all I see is a spider or an octopus. I mean, there are other. 'parts' sticking OUT of the dress! I guess this could be some sort of puppet obsession or something, because there are even STRINGS attached to the other 'limbs' that are connected to the dress! I wonder if her arms get tired from staying up so much. so the other arms don't drag on the ground.

If you ever wanted to be an animal. I guess this dress can kinda help. This dress is covered in fur. I bet you get real hot and sweaty in that. Probably itchy, too.
Wrap it up!

This dress is just covered in Skittle wrappers. I guess who designed this was obsessed with Skittles, because why else would you make a Skittle wrapper dress? This is so creative, and I can't help but wonder, is there any Skittles left in them? Hmm.

I wonder how someone could walk in this; all it is is Charmin Toilet Paper. It was designed for the competition that was sponsored by "Ripley's Believe It or Not!" by Katrina Chalifoux of Illinois. I wouldn't be able to walk in this. one step and it could seriously rip. Maybe in the rain, maybe that would be good?
Safety First!

Safety first is what everyone says! This whole dress is made of CONDOMS. Yes, CONDOMS! I guess the guys might like this, and I guess the girls would like this because of the colors. but other than that, why get it? It makes no sense!