Most Stupid Talents

1. The man who can get kicked in the crotch without injuring himself

Yong Hsueh, a Shaolin monk, appeared on the Chinese version of Britain's Got Talent to demonstrate his ability to get kicked in the crotch without suffering injury. He told the audience: "Steel crotch Kongfu is an ancient art, with roots stretching back to ancient China. "It's a practice to strengthen and protect the male genital organs so there is less chance they are injured or incapacitated in battle."

Cross legged male members of the audience watched in shock as various members of the panel were invited to boot the monk – who simply bowed and smiled after each blow – between the legs. The monk said this skill could only be learned by a student that started in childhood – and it involves pushing the testicles into the body where they could not be hurt.

2. The man who can stretch his skin for over 6 in

Garry Turner (UK), better known as the Stretchy Skin Man, is able to stretch the skin of his stomach to a distended length of 15.8 cm (6.25 in) due to a rare medical condition called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a disorder of the connective tissues affecting the skin, ligaments and internal organs.

3. The man who can burp at 110 decibels

Everyone has their own particular talent. For Paul Hunn, it's the ability to belch at 110 decibels. He achieved the Guinness World record for the loudest burp on the set of The New Paul O'Grady Show, London, UK, on 24 September 2008.

4. The contortionist who can squeeze through the head of a tennis racquet

Captain Frodo is a very disconcerting figure. It could be his semi-naked and very white body, bulging eyes, tattooed back, or perhaps the 2in black pegs skewered through his nipples that do it. Or maybe it is the small fact that he is currently squeezing his body through a 10in diameter tennis racquet - strings removed. Oh yes, and to speed things along a bit, he's now dislocating one joint after another, leaving spaces where shoulders should be and white limbs flopping and flapping in all the wrong places like a rag doll gone wrong. He's a contortionist in La Clique, a circus that also features juggling, sword-swallowing, strong men acts, acrobatics - indeed, pretty much everything but the bearded lady.

5. The man who can pull a minivan using his eyelids

Next time your car needs a tow but it turns out you haven't got the right equipment, talk to this man. Stuntman Xie Zhongcai in Hefei, China's eastern Anhui Province, has another idea that fits the job. Just tie the car to your ear and head off. And if that seems like it might sting just a little, how about his next trick.

If the locals in Heping Square were left with their mouths open after his first stunt, they couldn't believe their eyes the second time – since the stuntman hooked up the minivan to his eye sockets!

6. The man who can throw up anything

Liang Yuxin trumps even the very worst hangovers to become world throwing-up record holder. The Chinese man, 25, from Xia Mei has stunned doctors with his ability to regurgitate anything from a live fish to a 50-inch chain. While the process of dispensing with ten or more mojitos in the morning may feel unnatural, Liang Yuxin's ability to throw up jewellery puts even the bitterest katzenjammer to shame. The champion chunderer said: 'I found out I could do it when I was a boy and I accidentally swallowed a ball and found I could bring it back up at will. 'Now I seem to be able to swallow pretty much anything.'

Liang has taken to regularly swallowing fish and whatever else will fit down his oesophagus for kicks, and is now talking about going for the Guinness World Record in coin-swallowing. 'The record is ten by a man in Britain and I can do 11,' he said.

7. The man who can squirt milk with his eye

lker Yilmaz might just hold one of the world's most bizarre world records. The Turkish construction worker poured milk into his hand, loudly snorted it up his nose and squirted it 9.2 feet out of his left eye in what he hopes will be recognized as a new world record.

8. The man who can fit an entire Coke can in his mouth

Meet the man who won a place in the Guinness World Records for having a mouth so rubbery he can fit an entire Coke can in it… sideways. Francisco Domingo Joaquim's mouth stretches to a massive 6.69-inch-long, which adjudicators from the famous record book say is the world's widest. The 20-year-old record breaker from Sambizanga, Angola, is said to have shot to fame after showing off his 'talent' at local markets and football games.

9. The woman who plays two recorders with her nose

Performer Claire Hawes left Britain's Got Talent judges speechless after showing off her extraordinary abilities with the recorder. Not content with playing just one instrument, she took to the stage with two - which she promptly proceeded to blow with her nose, instead of the more conventional method of using her mouth. Claire was just one of a clutch of performers who hoped to make it through to the finals of the hit TV show.

10. The professor who can draw a perfect freehand circle

Alexander Overwijk draws a perfect freehand circle 1m in diameter in less than a second.

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