Prepare heart shaped Carrots for your Love.

Want to prepare something special  filled with love? How about these cute little heart shaped carrots?! Perfect for Valentine’s day. You could put them in soup, add them to a veggie platter, or simply serve them as a snack. There is a trick to making them and is revealed it here.

Peel one large carrot. Then use a pairing knife to cut out a notch, all the way down the length of the carrot. Remove the little wedge.

Use a potato peeler to gently round off the pointed edges. This forms the top of your heart, see?

Flip the carrot over, and shave off wide peels on each side of the bottom of the heart.

Keep peeling until the two sides meet in a point, to form the bottom of the heart.

Once you’re done, you’ve basically made a long, cylindrical heart.

Now all you need to do is to cut the carrots into little hearts.

After that switch on your imagination, cook some delicious soup and serve with love to your hubby :)