A daybed with an integrated sleeping bag

Day Bed, Built as a Tent Indoors in a Trashcan full of Burning Paper Towels and as a Regular Camping Excursion on a Cozy, Daybed.

This is the Camp Daybed from designer Stephanie Hornig. It's a daybed with an integrated sleeping bag. Sure you could just lay a sleeping bag out on your existing couch, but if you don't bungee-cord yourself to the frame you risk rolling off in your sleep (sleeping bags are slippery!) This one you can't fall off of without bringing the whole couch down on top of you. Sad fact: I slept in a sleeping bag for four years growing up because I was afraid of ghosts and I figured the fewer unsecured bed openings, the better. I used to sweat in them so bad they started growing mold. "Sick!" Not as sick as if a ghost managed to sneak up my butt and made me poop my pants on the school bus.