Pictures that Fool your Brain

Cat and Mouse

This optical illusion takes the cat and mouse game to a whole new level! It's a cat face. No, wait, it's a mouse. Maybe both?

Four Circles Optical Illusion

These four circles appear to rotate at the same time. The illusion is created by the way the boomerang shapes make up the circles are shaded and because of the way they're bent.

Strait Line Optical Illusion

We see the lines on this optical illusion move to the left and to the right. The reason this type of illusion works is because the lines are all the exact same size. The squares don't line up and the colors contrast to make force your eyes into thinking it's moving.

Circle Optical Illusion

We think the circle in this optical illusion won't stop turning. It appears as if circles exist within circles in this image. When we look hard enough we can see the black and white on the outer corner of the squares, which gives the image its illusion of movement!

Red and Green Circles

These red and green circles keep spinning around and around! The image appears to move because of the different sizes within the circles.

Black and White Optical Illsuion

The black and white keep spinning around and around in this image. We don't know exactly what makes this image work, except for the contrasting white and black colors. It sure is cool though!

Multi-Colored Optical Illusion

This image works hard to trick our eyes but it's pretty simple why it works. The black and yellow contrast each other enough to make our eyes think the image moves.

Circles Within Circles Optical Illusion

The image here appears as if it's pulsing to us. Look really hard and you can see the black and white colors in the image that work to make it look as if it's moving.

Dots, Dots and More Dots

The dots on this image look as if they're moving in almost a wave pattern to us. The white and black shades around the dots are what the artist uses to make them "move."

Spinning Circle Optical Illusion

Wow! We the way this optical illusion spins and spins. The motion is created blurred areas you see on the edge of each rectangle if you look hard enough.

Swirling Optical Illusion

The colored dots in this image appear to pop out as us when we look at this image. It's caused by the sharp contrast between the black and the colored dots. Also, because of soft contrast between the gradient fill between the black circles and the white circles.

Happy Face, Swirles and Dots Optical Illusion

To us, the swirls look as if they're rotating around the happy face. The white and black shades help cause the circles to appear as if they're moving. He looks like he's enjoying the effect!