Spot what's wrong with these everyday Objects

Public enemy

This is the picture of your worst enemy in a public restroom: a drainless sink that will no doubt be overflowing with dirty water by the time you get there. Thank goodness this is just something on the internet and not reality.

Spot What's wrong with these everyday Objects

Baker's delight

We're totally prepped for our cake baking session with a scale, eggs, flour, and a totally non-functioning rolling pin. Perhaps we shouldn't call it that, since it most definitely can't roll. Somebody needs to alert the manufacturer that rolling pins need to be cylindrical -- and that we'd also like our money back.

Spot What's wrong with these everyday Objects

Hole in one

A perfect gift for the professional ping pong player who needs to conveniently lose a match to his frail grandmother or competitive6 year-old nephew. We all know someone in our lives who needs aping pong paddle with a hole in it, no?

Spot What's wrong with these everyday Objects

Lucky strike

Perhaps this is what happens when a strike happens at a dice factory in the fashion of "Ocean's Thirteen". Somewhere down the factory assembly line, someone forgot to apply the dots. In that case, we'll place our bets on some blank green felt on our next Vegas outing.

Secret diary

Maybe the news of internet surveillance that got this guy running down the path to paranoia, but we think having a journal with screws locking everything in is just a bit much. If a standard wrench will do the trick, then you better hope you never lose your diary!

Spot What's wrong with these everyday Objects

Double trouble

On a bad day, we just can't figure out whether we need to push or pull when it comes to doors at a local coffee shop. But with classic doors with hinges and a turn knob, what could be so complicated? This door poses a double threat -- it won't open unless you're on the other side, using both handles!

Spot What's wrong with these everyday Objects

Wrapped around

We're all about eco-friendly alternatives, and it would be great to see more everyday lifestyle objects made of materials that don't contribute to demise of our planet. However, who would happily use these rope and metal eating utensils? We admit this is better than your typical plastic cafeteria options, but what if they made chopsticks this way too?

Spot What's wrong with these everyday Objects

Anybody thirsty?

Yes, by all means look again. Is it a bottle or is it a carafe? What seemed simply like an upside down water bottle is indeed a mere factory defect. Maybe this is what happens when bottled water goes upscale. Let's just hope we never end up in a desert during festival season with one of these...

Spot What's wrong with these everyday Objects

Open buttons

A bottle opening in your pocket? Sure, why not? Every frat boy needs one on hand -- and sometimes it exists on our key chains or even our iPhone cases. But take a closer look, and you'll see that some designer's love of beer has transformed bottle caps into shirt buttons. No wonder the bottle opener is on hand.

Spot What's wrong with these everyday Objects

Coffee to go

No, this isn't one of those Starbucks Espresso shot drinks. No, you couldn't possible put a metal can in a microwave to make instant coffee. The best answer we have to this confusing but convincing image is that it's totally unrealistic, but ultimately possible.

Spot What's wrong with these everyday Objects

Recycle me

The art of egg shopping has certainly gotten more intense since our childhood days. Today, a trip to the grocery store has become an adventure into the land of cage-free and chicken diet options, color varieties, and numerous grade options. Shopping for a dozen eggs has become a mind-boggling experience. What's more perplexing is perhaps the recycle logo on this egg. What could we make out of shells?

Spot What's wrong with these everyday Objects

Nesting kitchen

A jaunty mustard yellow to lend our kitchen a retro vibe and fun look? Yes, please! Our only question is, how do we use these matryoshka doll-like drawer-within-drawers? Perhaps we're wrong and those are just matching mustard yellow lunch boxes nestled in the drawer...

Spring cleaning

This spray bottle looks perfectly at home on a shelf in a BedBath and Beyond. In fact, we can imagine it sitting happily on a table during a session of some spring cleaning. On a second look, however, it seems that a wooden spray bottle may one day produce toothpicks if something goes awry on the factory assembly line...

Spot What's wrong with these everyday Objects

Don't look now

With your favorite music playing on the radio, no other cars on the road, and an endless stretch ahead -- this is indeed an ideal road trip! The image here may seem like a quaint road seen from the driver's seat, but watch out -- the rearview mirror is definitely missing. Without a rearview mirror, what's the point of having your car smell like a freshly cut Christmas tree?

Spot What's wrong with these everyday Objects

Plug it in

It's not uncommon to leave a phone or laptop charger plugged in an outlet when we're not using it -- but what happens when a cord has a plug on both ends? Our best guess is there better another wall outlet close enough to transfer some useless electrical currents.

Spot What's wrong with these everyday Objects