Sun Cruise Ship on the top of the Cliff

Sun Cruise sitting high and dry on the coastal cliff of Jeongdongjin.

To get to Sun Cruise Hotel and Yacht from Jeongdongjin Beach, I could only walk. Public transport was out of question as there was only one bus (Bus 109) going to the Hotel every two hours. Flagging down a taxi was also not easy as empty taxis were few and far between.

The slope leading to the Hotel was steep, probably about 50° gradient. I could feel the full force of gravity acting down on me as I struggled my way up. The fortunate thing was the distance to overcome was not too long.  It took about 15-20 minutes to get to the top but it was worthwhile effort.

Entrance fee for non-resort guest is 5,000won. The recommended course - panaromic view of the East Sea, bird's eye view of Jeongdongjin from the Observation Deck and a leisure walk around the sculpture park. I was most interested in the Observation Deck. I wanted to look down from the highest point of the ship. 15 more images after the break...

Sun Cruise is 165 metres in length, 45 metres in height and 30,000 tons in weight. A 1:1 replica of a passenger cruise liner.

Sun Cruise Ship on the top of the Cliff

Looking out at the East Sea from the garden inside the resort

The Observation Deck is at level 9. To get to the open deck or the Observation Deck, I have to first negotiate through a souvenir shop. For people who are afraid of height, the open deck is not a place to be, because the only barrier that separates you from the cliff below is the guardrails. But for me, standing at such an elevated height and close to the edge of the ship with absolutely nothing to obstruct my view, gave me an adrenaline rush.

Looking down on the yacht-like restaurant from the open deck of Sun Cruise. People with acrophobia, beware.

This is the view that I was there for - bird's eye view of Jeongdongjin.

The bow of the ship. It was almost like the ship was sailing across the East Sea.

The revolving Sky Lounge is at level 10 but it is not served by lift. You have to walk up two levels (there is an intermediate level between level 9 and 10) of stairs to get there. It is an ideal place to sit down, enjoy a cup of coffee and the wonderful view outside without feeling acrophobic.

The bridge of the ship was actually a revolving sky lounge.

Inside the sky lounge. The window seats with breathtaking view were all taken up.

Leaving Sun Cruise and on my way out.

After sunset (about 5:30pm), temperature dipped sharply. Staying too long outdoor was just too chilly for comfort. So it was back to accommodation for me to "thaw" a  bit before going back to Jeongdongjin Beach for the "New Year Party". I did not stay for the countdown. Countdown was done in my room with TV on. At midnight, I looked out the windows as fireworks lit up the night sky of Jeongdongjin. I could not remember when was the last time I saw fireworks on New Year's Day.