Do you recognize these Animals without Hair?

Balding Bear

Yikes! Bears are usually ferocious and scary at the best of times when stumbled upon in the wild, so you can imagine the shock and horror of finding this freaky-looking female bear! We hate to admit it, but under all that fur is something that ain't so pretty...Luckily, this bear is currently living in a German zoo, so you're not going to run into her in the wild anytime soon.

But why is she bald, you ask? Experts have been baffled by a case of the bears at this German zoo all losing their hair. Somebody get these bears some fresh fruit and vegetables, because experts believe the bears are lacking in nutrition, hence the unsightly baldness!

Animals without Hair

Baby Aardvark

This little guy might be bald now, but the news for him isn't so bad! All aardvarks are born fragile and hairless, and it is only once they begin to receive nutrients and grow older that they begin to become less fragile and grow fur. So before you begin to feel sorry for this bald aardvark, just remember - He will soon blossom from an ugly duckling into a (still not so handsome) swan very soon! As soon as he has hair, he'll be getting all the girls.

Animals without Hair


No, it's not Skippy the Bush Kangaroo, but this little hairless guy certainly is a kangaroo! Because of his strange, hairless state, his mother abandoned him at birth - Harsh! Thankfully though, German zoos have a fascination with bald animals so they took the little joey under their wings. Some people have even compared this kangaroo to "an alien" or ET, but personally we think that's going a little far. And no, he doesn't want to "phone home"...

Bald Baboon

This female adult baboon certainly is a sight for sore eyes - The poor thing is completely bald! As a result, the animal which was found in Zimbabwe, hangs around the African bush by herself. We don't know why all the male baboons are so horrified by her - she is one in a million after all. Someone put a ring on that finger! It is believed that a rare case of baboon alopecia has caused this little lady to lose all of her fur.

Animals without Hair

Skinny Pig?

That's right, this little fellow is a breed of guinea pig, but an extremely bald one at that! If you've ever been confused about why the guinea pig is called a "pig", then now you must certainly see the resemblances. Just look at that pink skin! So why is he called a "skinny pig"? Skinny pigs are a hairless breed of guinea pig that originated when a hairless lab guinea pig bred with a normal guinea pig. Strange, huh?

Animals without Hair

Polly Wants Some Feathers

This parrot doesn't want a cracker, he just wants some feathers for goodness sake! Parrots might be known for their brilliant colors, but this poor guy is lacking in this department...Not so pretty when they're not covered in feathers, are they? We don't know what this parrot's owner was feeding him all these years, but it clearly hasn't been good. Somebody get this parrot a veterinarian!

Animals without Hair

Not So Happy Feet

This poor little penguin chick certainly doesn't have "happy feet" - In fact, he doesn't even have fur! That's like living out in the snow without a jacket - Crazy! Like most animal parents who cannot deal with their child's baldness, this penguin's parents rejected him. Ouch! Let's hope papa penguin doesn't begin to lose his own fur in his old age. The good news is this baby penguin was then reared by keepers at the aquarium in China’s Liaoning Province and within a few months, he was covered in fur!

Animals without Hair

Anne Hathaway

The shock, the horror! Just joking, Anne Hathaway hasn't really lost all of her hair, nor is she an 'animal'. But we thought we'd wake you up a bit in case you began to fall asleep to nightmares of bald animals trying to attack you in the jungle... Lets face it, it could easily happen. We have to admit though, Anne Hathaway is certainly one celeb who looks great bald. Perhaps she might consider it for her next movie role? You never know...

Animals without Hair

Bald Teddy

Yep, this is a rabbit, but a bald one at that! Every rabbit is born without fur, however Teddy the rabbit continued to grow without developing any of the luscious, enviable fur his brothers and sisters were covered in. Strange case indeed! Perhaps he was munching on the wrong carrots? Over time, Teddy began to gradually grow some fur (as seen in this photograph) and he eventually came to look like a normal, fluffy bunny. Phew! Looks like this one won't be needing Rogaine after all.

Animals without Hair

Cinder The Chimp

Cinder the chimp, also known as "The Naked Chimp", became a very famous example of an animal with the rare condition of alopecia areata. It seems as though chimpanzees are nowhere near as fussy or judgmental as baboons though, because Cinder's parents and playmates couldn't care less about their bald friend. Perhaps they secretly envied her new trendy, hairless look? Maybe Cinder was even considered the first 'hipster' chimp? Looks like we will never know...

Gizmo The Bald Raccoon

This raccoon looks pretty frightened, doesn't he? But then again, we would be frightened too if we were deemed a "mysterious creature"! Found in Ontario, little Gizmo must have struggled with the freezing cold Canadian weather. Animal experts who examined the strange-looking raccoon ruled out the disease alopecia as being responsible for the hair loss, and believe it is due to hormone imbalances or inherited genetic disorders. Now, the animal is living it up in heated rooms at the Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary!

Animals without Hair

Hairless Rat

Lets face it, most people don't like rats at the best of times, so this poor bald rat doesn't really have much of a chance at being loved, does he? Not to worry though, because apparently hairless rats are becoming all the rage now. According to experts, even though this rat is hairless, pigmentation indicates that it is a hooded rat. Why people want hairless pets, we'll never know!

Animals without Hair

He's A Smoothie

This squirrel might be hairless, but he's been named Smoothie, probably because he gets all of the girls with that shiny, hair-free skin! This squirrel has wildlife experts scratching their own head of hair, as they have not seen another hairless squirrel before. Baldness in mammals such as Smoothie is often believed to be caused by mange, an illness due to mites. It seems as though Smoothie isn't complaining though - He gets fed fancy pecan nuts every day!

Animals without Hair

Waxed Wombat

This baby wombat might look as though he's had a full-body wax, but the truth is that when a wombat is born, it is born with a thin, waxy skin that contains no fur. As a result, baby wombats are unable to keep themselves warm on their own. It seems as though this little guy doesn't mind, however, and he'll happily give you a wave of his paw. Too cute! Within months, the wombat develops that thick, brown body of fur that they are well-known for. So all is not lost with this baldie!

Animals without Hair

Hairless Khala

You might think that this pup should have considered using Rogaine when he was younger, however, this pooch is a hairless khlala, which is a breed of hairless dog. The poor little guy was born without hair! This crazy breed of dog originated in South America, and they are well-known for their low maintenance.

So when it comes to this dog, you can put the dog brush and comb away! They certainly don't look like they enjoy pampering after all. To add insult to injury, this dog was voted the 2002 Ugliest Dog in The World.

Animals without Hair