Bitter messages on Sweet Cakes

The shocking not-so-sweet messages made a little easier to swallow in icing.
By Nina Golgowski

Sometimes the only sweet way to tell someone how you really feel about them is writing it in icing. As this hilarious and unique collection of celebratory, apologetic, and 'appreciative' cakes show, love and hate come in all colours, shapes and sizes - and especially flavours. But no matter its message, at least there's cake.

How it starts: The perhaps first reaction cake and perfect predecessor for all the other apologies, announcements and resulting celebrations to come

Teen pregnancy: At least if it wasn't intentional, a cake really couldn't be a more fitting pick me up and positive move forward

Surprise! A, with great hopes, planned coming out party shows off a blatant announcement to its guests

A toast! A plastered thong-drawn Barbie doll forecasts a 21-year-old's newly earned ability to legally drink

When expectations aren't met: A simple orange and white cake gets straight to the point in its clearly frustrated message to its recipient

The drunken-night apology: A chocolate frosted cake leaves out no details in their at least heart-shaped apology

Peacing out: The faces of three pump cats cover the surface of this sheet cake while the face of Congressman and former Presidential Candidate Ron Paul covers the moon

Shocker: One cake may prove to taste better than its received despite its purple-coloured apology

Thinking ahead: A cake with a message for when its giver is too much of a coward to say it in person, or knows their recipient will need that strawberry shortcake immediately on hand

Best face forward! Sometimes the simplest compliments are just the best help moving ahead
From teen pregnancies to apologies for sleeping with 'your mom,' these cakes prove to be not only attention grabbing but perhaps still a pretty sweet deal after the news has been broken.
Others include hidden messages of proposal - suggested to happen, not actually asked - an employee's criticized work ethic, and perhaps a less-than-regretful apology after 'hooking up.'

Many others offer a less friendly and flattering message of failure or breaking up.

But still others acknowledge and remind, 'you make poor choices when you're drunk' – a mistake many people make - and 'at least you're pretty,' offering encouragement to put their best face forward.

Chilled: A four-letter message to its recipient reads clear across a white and yellow sheet cake, hopefully merely iced over a cardboard box

Your Birthday! A sheet cake elaborately skips the, perhaps to some, overused expression said in Happy Birthday, to really point out the magic of it all

Going away party: One cake shows that going away cakes can still contain frowns despite an otherwise uncommon direction expressed by its giver

Revealed: The cake given after the cake that orders someone to go away

Whoops! When you need a cake that says, it's really all my fault

With feeling: A cake for even the grimmest of expressions

BTW: The cake for when the recipient still didn't get it when they were handed their pink slip

Moving on: Life's full of mistakes, but fortunately sprinkles, plastic sparklers, and unconditional kisses and hugs (XOXO) too

A hole in one: An adorable cake hales the best daddy in the 'hole white world'

Cake for one: A cake decorated in sprinkles and candy gummies makes an announcement that perhaps won't be passed around for sharing