The 18 Worst things for Left-Handed People

Ink all over the side of your hand

Spiral Notebooks

Hurts the side of your hand. The worst are the 5-subject with the extra big rings.

Writing in a 3-ring binder

You have to do that thing where you fit your hand between the top two, then eventually have to pick it up and fit it in between the bottom two.

Only 1 gross lefty glove in gym class

The handsweat of a thousand lefties before you.

Only 2 pairs of the green lefty scissors in class, 3 lefty kids.

Scrambling through the scissors to find the ones with the green rubber handles, only to see they're already all gone.

Ballpoint pens don't work as well because you're pushing, not pulling the ball

The ink will never flow as well for lefties, so our pens stop up more.

Bonking elbows with a righty at the dinner table

iPad Kindle app - left side is back page

This is really annoying - if you prefer to hold it in your left hand, you have to move your hand all the way to the other side to tap. On a real Kindle, page forward is on both sides, thankfully.

Driver's cup holder is for the right hand

So you have to hold your cup with your right hand.

Numberpad is on the right-hand side of keyboard

Dying sooner, so becoming a zombie sooner

Studies have shown lefties die up to 9 years sooner than righties. At least we'll get to eat their brains.

These desks

College lecture hall desks with postage-stamp sizes desks. You have to twist your back and hold up your arm to use.

Measuring cups show you the stupid metric side

The cups/ounces side is for the righties. You have to do that thing where you twist your hole arm around to be able to read ounces.

You, old friend

Made for righties

Apparently you can get modified lefty controllers, but maybe you should just go outside.

Cord on the credit card machine pen never long enough

Annoying. Annoying. I'm annoyed.



For which someone invented THESE

The saddest thing is that all the lefties in the BuzzFeed office now want these. The indignity.